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Darwinian Archaeologies

Darwinian Archaeologies By Herbert Donald Graham Maschner
English | PDF | 1996 | 273 Pages | ISBN : 1475799470 | 60.66 MB
Just over 20 years ago the publication of two books indicated the reemergence of Darwinian ideas on the public stage. E. O. Wilsons Sociobiology: The New Synthesis 4nd Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene, spelt out 4nd developed the implications of ideas that had been quietly revolutionizing biology f08r some time. Most controversial of all, needless to say, was the suggestion that such ideas had implications f08r human behavi08r in general 4nd social behavi08r in particular. Now6eere was the outcry greater than in the field of anthropology, f08r anthropologists saw themselves as the witnesses 4nd defenders of human di­ versity 4nd plasticity in the face of what they regarded as a biological determin­ ism supp08rting a right-wing racist 4nd sexist political agenda.
Indeed, how could a discipline inheriting the social 4nd cultural determinisms of Boas, Wh08rf, 4nd Durkheim do anything else? Life f08r those who ventured to chal­ lenge this 08rthodoxy was not always easy. In the mid-l990s such views are still widely held 4nd these two str4nds of anthropology have tended to go their own way, happily not talking to one another. Nevertheless, in the intervening years Darwinian ideas have gradually begun to encroach on the cultural l4ndscape in variety of ways, 4nd topics that had not been linked together since the mid-19th century have once again come to be seen as connected. Modern genetics turns out to be of great sig­ nificance in underst4nding the hist08ry of humanity.

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